Football clubs have a history that dates back centuries.

Football Kits

A football kit is a standard piece of equipment worn by football players in a team.

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This equipment includes the uniform and protective gear used by players. It can be anything from the traditional white and blue shirts of the English Premier League to the ultra-modern football kits of the Chinese Super League.

Offside Law

The offside law in football games is often not well understood. It has a mixed reputation and has produced some of the best football ever played. A modern rule aims to prevent offside traps and forces defenders to defend the ball.


Since the first rule was adopted in 1863, the rules of offside have been modified many times to accommodate different styles of play. Some lawmakers advocate a more offensive style of play and encourage more dribbling, one-two short passes, and intense pressing.


This means that the offside position is only a penalty for a player when there is no other teammate in an onside position. This has made the Offside Law quite complex, so it is important to be aware of all the new interpretations.


Umbro is well-known for their football kits and has a long-standing partnership with the England national team. The company also designs kits for Northern Ireland and Manchester City. It is also the official kit supplier of the FA Cup.


Recently, Umbro released a new collection of football kits, the World Champions Collection. This collection features modern interpretations of classic jerseys and incorporates the crests of seven World Cup winners.

The first England shirt, which was produced by Umbro, made its first appearance during the 1954-55 season.


It had a short-sleeved collar and was lightweight. It was similar to the style worn by many European sides. This new style was soon adopted by almost every team in England. In addition, the Umbro brand continues to evolve and develop new products around football themes. In the UK, Umbro is the official sports supplier of the English FA and is the sole supplier of football balls for leagues. In the United States, Umbro has a significant stake in the United Soccer Leagues. The United Soccer Leagues is the parent body for lower division men’s soccer in North America. It also owns the second tier of women’s soccer (the W-League) and a number of other teams in the American Soccer Pyramid.

In England, Umbro introduced a new, all-white kit in 2009, which proved an instant success. The advertising campaign included the strapline "tailored in England" and the jerseys became increasingly innovative.
These new kits also featured innovative colour schemes and innovative collar designs. The shirt was made of light fabric and the England team wore them in the 1966 World Cup.

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Umbro’s Continental style football kits are stylish, comfortable, and affordable. The brand is widely available, and their clothing ranges from $40 t-shirts to $150 zip-ups.


There are plenty of designs to choose from. For a more affordable option, you can browse the Umbro apparel collection at GotStyle.

kit design

Known for their post-modern approach to kit design, Umbro’s Continental style range has consciously incorporated elements of historic football strips into their designs.

Button-Down Collars

For example, the button-down collars of the 1970s were replaced by collars, and the shirt designs incorporated bold patterns and colors.